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Steamcraaft video game overview

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You have always wanted to become a multimillionaire? You dream of managing companies and outdoing your competitors?

Realize your dreams with Steamcraaft, a free browser-based video game in which you will be able to manage and transform your companies alone or with partners. Take the best decisions, make the best investments, dominate the market, ruin your competitors and become the richest and the most powerful man!

In Steamcraaft, you will play, in a unique and unlimited steampunk universe, an avatar that will be able to create one or more companies and transform them following its decisions. A lot of possibilities will be given to the players so that each one can make the most of the game as he wishes and choose its way in life. You will then be able to choose to become the richest man, or to manage the most powerful companies by managing your productions, your sales, your agreements between entrepreneurs, the influences of your products in the market and a lot more!

Since Steamcraaft is over all a fun and entertaining video game, it owns all the necessary characteristics to make you having a lot of fun playing the game. Among these characteristics you will find inter alia:

  • The possibility to share your evolution on social networks,
  • Achievements and bonuses to unlock to show everyone you are the best,
  • A simple and progressive tutorial to begin the game,
  • A clear and intuitive user interface so that playing the game is as pleasant as possible,
  • A great competition and/or cooperation spirit between players for more challenge in your quest of power,
  • A great community spirit to share your experience and talk about strategies,
  • Events of all kinds which will help or slow you in your evolution, adding a little spice to the game,
  • Missions to complete allowing you to evolve faster,
  • A visual personalization of your companies to make each one of them being unique,
  • Employees with a productivity which depends of their satisfaction for a simulation as realistic as possible,
  • A strong interaction between the players for a better immersion,
  • A daily newspaper recounting the last tendencies of the market and the last events of the game for a better decision-making,
  • Simple decisions-making and results for a faster and funnier familiarization without omitting the realism of the game,
  • A graphical view of the progression of your companies for a better visibility and comprehension of your evolution,
  • A steampunk universe beyond imagination and an attractive graphic style which will charm you.

Steamcraaft is a browser-based game, thus you will have nothing to install to play. Furthermore, the game is completely free without any limit! However, if you wish to boost your evolution it will be possible to buy virtual money which will allow you, through a large number of options, to evolve faster in the game. The release date of the game is scheduled for September 2013.

You cannot wait to be the richest and the most powerful man? Then don’t wait any more, support us and follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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