New start, new logo


FrimLife’s logo gets a facelift!  

In an aim of homogeneity, from unity with the future realizations, we decided to create a brand new logo.


New researches!

 While preserving the basic idea of creating a logo with the name of the game, we wished to integrate in it, by its graphic side, the spirit we wish to give to Firmlife.

We began this new elaboration as every work of creation begins: finding sources of inspiration, directions to take. By looking at what was already made in the spirit we are looking for, it allowed us to specify what we wanted and to reflect how to distance from the existing creations.

We thus looked for examples of already existing typographies corresponding to what we are looking for. Among all the possibilities, two stood out:


These two creations were used as basic inspiration to recreate our logo.

The realization

Further to these researches, our graphic designer began the elaboration of the new logo, always according to certain criteria to respect:

  • Give to the logo a steampunk aspect, in particular by embellishing with imaged letters.
  • Pay attention on the fact that the logo remains  easily  readable
  • Show the playful side of the game
  • Keep a certain harmony between letters
  • Add graphic elements suggesting the concepts of the game: company, growth, competition, etc.

From there, the first drafts in "simple" version of the logo were realized.

The first vectoriel plan, with all the elements which we wished to see in the logo.


 The first color version, with a first draft of the arrow.

At the end, the validated version of the logo is the following one:


Here it is! The validated version of the logo as you will see it right now!