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First images of the game

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Hi everyone!

Today we want to show you the first images that will be used in the game!

You will find some products of the game that companies will be able to sell, a terrain type for the map, researches that players can unlock to evolve in the game, a machine to process raw materials, and a raw material!

Read the rest of the article to discover all these images!

Images that you will see are just a sample of all the images that have been realized (more than 84 images).



Produit moto

Produit voiture

Let's begin with 2 products. These 2 products that you can see (a moto and a car), are products that you will be able to sell with your companies. You will first have to start with a basic product, then you will evolve and unlock more complex products thanks to researches to finally unlock the ultimate product!




Matière première charbon

Now you can see the coal, a very useful raw material in this game with a steampunk universe, that will help you with most of your products.

Fonderie de fer
Here you can see an iron foundry, a machine that will allow you to process iron so that it is directly usable for production. This kind of machine can be improved thanks to researches and must run at full speed for an optimal production!
CombativitéVitesse de production
After the machine you can see 2 researches: production speed improvement and security agent fighting improvement. All these researches will allow you to improve a lot of parameters for your companies such as production, security, storage capacity, solidity, efficience, ...
Zone sous-marine
Finally, the last image that we show you for the moment is a terrain type: the underwater area. There is a planet map in the game. This map is composed of areas (equivalent to our countries) and these areas are composed of different regions and terrain types. The underwater area is part of these terrain types in wich the player can build a building. Yes, build underwater can be strange in our world, but in the Steamcraaft's world they have already developed the technology to do that!
Each terrain type has characteristics that will influence your buildings and eventually your companies.
You have just discovered a sample of the images that have been realized for the game. We will show you more later.
By the way, a first 3D character will be finished soon and we will show it to you!
Stay connected to socials networks and don't hesitate to give us some feedback!

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