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Having shown you very first characters that you will see appearing in Firmlife, you doubtless said to yourselves that we left you a little unsatisfied didn't you?

Well, take out flatware and sit down to eat, you will eat some new things!

First of all as regards our small mascot, he had to undergo a small facial revision because the character who served to him as inspiration was still too much visible. Our computer graphic designer thus gave him a more "rudimentary" aspect so that he agrees better in our universe, while erasing this resemblance



Then the family got bigger with the creation of new characters. Here are the last to come:


The character who will represent your company to your buyers. It is not everything to produce, it is necessary to benefit as well from what you produced.



You will not have to worry any more about the security in your storehouses with this character. His weapon should give an...electric message to those who would like to damage you.


You will need this high caliber engineer in research to make the best products. not let him play with the fire, that will quickly become dangerous.


This mechanic will allow you to repair your damaged machines. Following the example of his feminine counterpart, the size of its favorite tool leaves the doubt in the fact of knowing if he is not going to make worse than better.



 You doubtless say yourselves by seeing all these male characters that having only one girl in all the game is a little unbalanced? Don't worry, the feminine declination of every character of the game - set apart the business manager and the robot - will soon arrive so that the number of available characters will be identical for all!

Now that you see what will look like your characters in game, we propose you a small game:
Among all the characters created since the launch of the project, two of them are inspired by the leaders of the project, will you find who they are?

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