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Hi everyone!

Development continues and the simulation system progresses. It's then time to talk about how the Steamcraaft's game is going to work!


First of all, the game will be turn-based. Each turn corresponds to a decision cycle. That means that every X minutes a cycle will finish and the simulation will start to define the market share for each player to determine who is the best!

Each player can create as many companies as they wish, each company corresponds to an activity type from a list defined in the game. Then, players build a shop at the location they want and begin to sell a product type to earn money and continue to evolve.

To sell a product one must first fill some parameters: at what price should I sell the product? how many to sell? what marketing budget? Who to hire? How much to pay him? ...?

These parameters are then used for the simulation to determine market share for each player. To have the most market share you will have to be strategic to take better decisions than your competitors according to the information you will have about the market.

Competition is permanent and you can change everything to be the best by finding the best way to make your clients happy!

You will be able to unlock researches to be able to build other building types and to improve your production and your sales and to control the production chain!

Then, you will be able to unlock the factory that will allow you to produce your products by yourself, which will reduce your costs and make you earn more money. You will be able to unlock the warehouse to store the excess of goods and therefore not loosing them any more. You will be able to unlock the laboratory to improve your performance, ...

Finally, when you will have unlocked enough researches, you will unlock new products, more interesting and more profitable, to finally unlock the ultimate product that will make you be rich!

To get there you will surely need help, thus you can ally with other players to join forces and be better than your competitors.

There are a lot of possibilities in this game and you will have to be strategic to be the best!

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