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Renaming of FirmLife to Steamcraaft

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Hi everyone!

We have a great news for you : FirmLife has been renamed to Steamcraaft!

So, why not FirmLife?

Well, FirmLife could not be registered to the INPI (French organisation about brand name registrations) because another name was too much similar. We thus had to find a new name. We had some ideas but nothing really good. We needed a name that could express : company management, the fun side f the game and the steampunk universe.

Because we could not make a choice we decided to ask our community what they thought about that. We thus sent them a list of ideas and their favorite name was: Steamcraft.

We tried to find some information about this name and we had a problem: the domain name was already registered. We had to find an idea to get a unique name that was not already registered as domain name and we finally chose: Steamcraaft (with 2 'a'). Why ? Because it allowed us to register the domain names and because Craaft will be the breed name of the robots which are the mascots of the game and we thought it was a good name. Also, with 2 'a' we are less wondering what the name means (because it means nothing in the game).

This was the new name's story, I hope you will like it. We inform you that this new name has already been registered to the INPI and that the logo has already been created as you can see from this article's image!

Furthermore, we also changed the design of this blog so that we can start from new basis!

Don't hesitate to let us your impressions!

The adventure continues with a new name, a new design for the blog, new domain names, new social network names, ...

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