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Development has a great importance because Steamcraaft is a complex video game.

We will share with you some development information in this category.

A new version of our jQuery plugin FormHandle is available.

Just as a reminder, FormHandle is a jQuery plugin developed by the FirmLife team that permits a complete management of forms from start to finish: from their validation to their result.

Now in version 1.1 FormHandle brings the following changes:

  • A new function that resets the form by clearing the fields, removing error messages, hiding the success block and showing the form.
  • The error placement function's prototype has changed.
  • A bug with the error placement function of the jQuery validate plugin has been fixed.
  • A bug with rules that contain uppercase characters has been fixed.

Don't hesitate to update your version of the plugin. In case of problem when using FormHandle, or if you want to suggest us a new feature you can post a new message on the plugin's google group.

For those who don't know this plugin and would like to learn more about it, you will find all the information you need on FormHandle plugin web page.


In the scope of the FirmLife game development we developed a new jQuery plugin called FormHandle.

For those who don't know jQuery, it's a library written in Javascript that permits the manipulation of the elements from a web page easuly and in a way that is compatible with all browsers.

What is the FormHandle plugin ?

 The plugin we developed permits the management of forms from their validation to their final result. This process is done dynamically and without reloading the page!


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