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Development of FormHandle: dynamic management of your forms from start to finish

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In the scope of the FirmLife game development we developed a new jQuery plugin called FormHandle.

For those who don't know jQuery, it's a library written in Javascript that permits the manipulation of the elements from a web page easuly and in a way that is compatible with all browsers.

What is the FormHandle plugin ?

 The plugin we developed permits the management of forms from their validation to their final result. This process is done dynamically and without reloading the page!

Concretely, here is what the plugin can do :

  • Client side form validation that prevents the form from submitting until all fields are correctly filled.
  • Dynamically displayed error messages beside fields that are not correctly filled.
  • Large set of validation methods including email validation, URL validation, length requirements, fields comparison, etc...
  • Can change error messages for each input and validation method.
  • Validation methods and messages can be set via data attributes in inputs.
  • Easy form submission using Ajax (without reloading the page) with no configuration needed.
  • Automatically retrieves the server response (represented in Json and following a simple format).
  • Automatically processes the response to dynamically display the correct success or error messages.
  • Can dynamically hide the form and display the success block with a specified message in case of success.
  • Can dynamically display error messages beside inputs that could not be validated by the client before the
  • form submission (like a Captcha).
  • It is possible to customize parts of the response process (to dynamically reload a Captcha for example).
  • Highly customizable.

So, if you use this plugin you can easily (with a few lines of code), when you have a form, prevent it from being submitted until all fields are correctly filled. In this case, an error message will be automatically displayed beside them. Then, when all fields are correctly filled, you can submit the form (without reloading the page) and the plugin will retrieve the server's answer and modify the form to display a success block or error messages depending on the result.

FirmLife uses it! 

Indeed, this plugin is very useful for us to manage all our forms in the FirmLife gameSo, if you too are developing a web site with forms we highly advise you to use this new jQuery plugin!

A web site is dedicated to the plugin:

Don't hesitate to try the plugin and give us your feeling about it! And also, don't hesitate to share it with your friends!

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