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What can I do when I have no money!?

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Need money

Go to the bank!

Steamcraaft's bank is very generous and will help you when you need money for yours projects or for your company to survive!

In this company management video game, bankruptcy exists, however you will see it coming because you will need to have funds under a certain negative level during several cycles to go bankrupt. You will tell me you have time...

However, as soon as you will have negative funds you will have fees to pay. Then, it would be better for you to have positive funds and it's the bank's job to help you with that...

Banks can lend you a lot of money, however, the more you ask money, the more fees will be high. To determine how much you can loan, a calculus is done considering several parameters and your actual debt. Be careful and ask only what you need, otherwise, when you will really need money the bank won't lend it to you!

This game provides you good ways to get money, but bankruptcy is still possible and in this case you will get money to create a new company but you will definitely loose your current company!

The best way to get money and avoid bankruptcy is to take good sale decisions and win market shares!

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