Do you have a life insurance?


Life insurance

"You have been the victim of an attack! Your agency just lost 10 products!!"

"You have been the victim of an earthquake! Your warehouse just lost a machine!!"

"You have been the victim of a hostage taking! Your agency just lost 15 products and an employee!!"

"You have been the victim of an intrusion of unhappy customers! Hopefully, the security system has foiled the attempt of intrusion."

"You have been the victim of a tornado! Hopefully, your building was solid enough to resist."

It's scary, right? This is just a sample of what can happen to you in Steamcraaft!

Steamcraaft's universe is not peaceful. You will need to improve your security systems and hire security agents to avoid these disasters.


For each game cycle you have risks of being hit by these disasters and their consequences will be determined by the efforts you put in your buildings' defense.

Be careful and do not take your buildings' security lightly!