Steampunk company management video game

Steamcraaft video game overview

You have always wanted to become a multimillionaire? You dream of managing companies and outdoing your competitors?

Realize your dreams with Steamcraaft, a free browser-based video game in which you will be able to manage and transform your companies alone or with partners. Take the best decisions, make the best investments, dominate the market, ruin your competitors and become the richest and the most powerful man!

Learn more about Steamcraaft in the game's website !

FirmLife is now incubated

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Events Published on 11 February 2013

Plaine Images

Hi everyone !

I'm pleased to annonce you that since last week we are incubated at Plaine Images a French incubator located at Tourcoing (North of France) ( !

This incubation allows us to have an additional monitoring for our project and to have more resources from this digital center !

Thus, it's a great news for the project, allowing it to pass an important step for its development !

Story of background

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Graphics Published on 17 October 2012

Having shown you what the first characters of the game look like , we are going to go a little farther now. Today we will talk about our web site's background.

Indeed, using the characters to dress our web site is an idea, but it is necessary to integrate them into the universe!


Drawings of the Characters

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Graphics Published on 02 October 2012

That moves in Firmlife's graphics!

You thought that we rested a little and that we left you on your hunger after the creation of the new logo? 

Disabuse yourself! The graphic team of Firmlife was not unemployed and began to realize the first characters whom you will meet in this world!


Difficulties with internationalization

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Development Published on 28 August 2012

InternationalisationFirmLife is a game that will be available in several languages. This involves the modification of the language choice and of the web site content.

This work can be simplified for static contents if the engine used is good enough, however, when working with dynamic contents it is much more complicated, mainly when we want to keep a common database that does not change with the language.

In this article I will explain how we did to solve this issue and what the solutions we had were.


New start, new logo

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Graphics Published on 23 August 2012

FrimLife’s logo gets a facelift!  

In an aim of homogeneity, from unity with the future realizations, we decided to create a brand new logo.


New designer, new style!

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Graphics Published on 20 August 2012

Things change in the team FirmLife: our designer Deborah leaves the project, another replaces it.

Although we knew we were going to change the designer and revise the design and images, the work of Deborah helped our developers to work the logic of the website with a visual basis, thus facilitating the integration of the first pages of the game.


New version of our jQuery plugin: FormHandle

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Development Published on 16 July 2012

A new version of our jQuery plugin FormHandle is available.

Just as a reminder, FormHandle is a jQuery plugin developed by the FirmLife team that permits a complete management of forms from start to finish: from their validation to their result.

Now in version 1.1 FormHandle brings the following changes:

  • A new function that resets the form by clearing the fields, removing error messages, hiding the success block and showing the form.
  • The error placement function's prototype has changed.
  • A bug with the error placement function of the jQuery validate plugin has been fixed.
  • A bug with rules that contain uppercase characters has been fixed.

Don't hesitate to update your version of the plugin. In case of problem when using FormHandle, or if you want to suggest us a new feature you can post a new message on the plugin's google group.

For those who don't know this plugin and would like to learn more about it, you will find all the information you need on FormHandle plugin web page.

Development of FormHandle: dynamic management of your forms from start to finish

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Development Published on 20 June 2012


In the scope of the FirmLife game development we developed a new jQuery plugin called FormHandle.

For those who don't know jQuery, it's a library written in Javascript that permits the manipulation of the elements from a web page easuly and in a way that is compatible with all browsers.

What is the FormHandle plugin ?

 The plugin we developed permits the management of forms from their validation to their final result. This process is done dynamically and without reloading the page!


The creation of the logo and its typology

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Graphics Published on 14 June 2012

A game, as well as a website, has an identity thanks to its name and its logo too. So, it was important to develop one from the beginning just after finding the name (read the article FirmLife: A difficult name to find). It was easy to find the theme for the logo: Steampunk environment. But, we had to find the originality which would be included to make the logo in the image of our game...


FirmLife: A difficult name to find

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Game concepts Published on 11 April 2012

While we just wrote the basics of the game and were ready to start its development, there was still an important thing missing: the name of the game! Indeed, after all these meetings about the concept of the game we still didn't think about a name for it. Finding a good name is very important because it determines the game's identity. It's by this name that the players will call our game every day and it's this name they will tell to their friends. Thus, it's a very important step in a game conception, and that's what we still had to do!


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