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Steamcraaft video game overview

You have always wanted to become a multimillionaire? You dream of managing companies and outdoing your competitors?

Realize your dreams with Steamcraaft, a free browser-based video game in which you will be able to manage and transform your companies alone or with partners. Take the best decisions, make the best investments, dominate the market, ruin your competitors and become the richest and the most powerful man!

Learn more about Steamcraaft in the game's website !

First images of the game

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Graphics Published on 19 April 2013


Hi everyone!

Today we want to show you the first images that will be used in the game!

You will find some products of the game that companies will be able to sell, a terrain type for the map, researches that players can unlock to evolve in the game, a machine to process raw materials, and a raw material!

Read the rest of the article to discover all these images!


Th female security agent is ready

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Graphics Published on 13 April 2013

Agent de sécurité

Hi everyone!

Here is the drawing of the female security agent. This is the last drawing, the 3D version of each of the presented characters will come soon!

With this, well equipped, security agent your buildings are safe! You will have less theft and spy! You will be able to choose this character as your avatar to benefit from these advantages from the beginning or wait until you unlock the technology that will allow you to train the agents and equip them to defend your buildings.


Discover the working woman drawing

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Graphics Published on 09 April 2013

Dessin ouvrière


Today we present you the working woman!

This young lady pulling a heavy wagon filled with raw materials will be there to make your factory's machines work in order to transform your raw materials or produce your products.

This working woman with a great strength will be able to pull a great quantity of raw materials alone. Thus, she will be very useful for you as soon as you will get a factory!


The female engineer character has been drawn

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Graphics Published on 04 April 2013

Ingénieur femme

Hello everyone!

Today, we are pleased to present you a new character: the female engineer.

This female character, as sexy as the other, will work in your laboratories in Steamcraaft. To be able to enjoy her company you will have to quickly evolve in the game and unlock your first laboratory! Unless you want to choose her as your avatar to represent you... That's up to you!


A new character has been realized : the trader

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Graphics Published on 29 March 2013


You can now see a new creation from our graphic artists : the trader. 

This new sexy female character, will have the mission to sell you products, will you be able to resist her charm ...?


First Steamcraaft's trailer video

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Events Published on 22 March 2013

Hi everyone!

We are pleased to present you the first Steamcraaft's trailer video!


This video is just a draft and will be improved. Don't hesitate to give us some feed back and to share the video!

Presentation of the mascot

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Graphics Published on 15 March 2013

We present here the video which reveals you the mascot in 3D versiion of our game.

Renaming of FirmLife to Steamcraaft

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Events Published on 11 March 2013


Hi everyone!

We have a great news for you : FirmLife has been renamed to Steamcraaft!

So, why not FirmLife?

Well, FirmLife could not be registered to the INPI (French organisation about brand name registrations) because another name was too much similar. We thus had to find a new name. We had some ideas but nothing really good. We needed a name that could express : company management, the fun side f the game and the steampunk universe.



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Graphics Published on 03 March 2013

Having shown you very first characters that you will see appearing in Firmlife, you doubtless said to yourselves that we left you a little unsatisfied didn't you?

Well, take out flatware and sit down to eat, you will eat some new things!


FirmLife becomes a member of the association Game IN

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Events Published on 19 February 2013

Game IN

Yet another good news: I'm pleased to inform you that FirmLife is now a member of the Game IN association.

Game IN is an association that regroups video games actors in the Nord Pas-De-Calais region in France. Their mission is to structure, animate, strengthen and promote development of regional video games actors (from development to edition, schools and specialist providers).

With this association we are going to have access to their great network of contacts, to their resources to help new video games developers, to the help from the community, to the experiences of the other members and a lot of other great things!

This membership is, for us, a new step forward, allowing us to go forward more confidently!

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